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Haunted House Oracle



The Haunted House Oracle is a deck of 44 cards being created by me, Amy Bennett of Full Dark Paranormal Explorers. Historic architecture and the ways in which humans use and interpret their individual spaces has always intrigued me, but I could never articulate how before now. Empty, older homes seem to speak volumes despite their silence for many who find their gaze lingering on these forgotten structures. From my beginnings in historic preservation and archaeology, to a paranormal filmmaker and Trustee on the Board of the Albany County Historical Association, the before and the now have always felt inseparable. The Haunted House Oracle is an artistic and esoteric endeavor in the hope that it can become a tool in paranormal, spiritual and divination practices for any who need it or might connect with it. 

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Every oracle deck has a story of how and why it came to be, and how it can be connective to anyone in their own divination practice. This project is inspired by other magical community members who've taken their art to the practical with their own decks, like Katie Webb, Scarlet Ravenswood and Jamie Gold. My goal with The Haunted House Oracle is to provide space for open interpretation based on the imagery and the feelings inspired by each card design. I want the deck to offer wide variation on the traditional haunted house with photos of real places that I've visited or investigated and felt the specific pull of a different space and time around me. I want the deck to be able to reflect emotions and insight back to the user that they can interpret for their own inquiry. I hope to have it printed through the company Printer Studio, with a custom box and guidebook. This process is not cheap, and to include fully designed packaging might carry a steep cost. Eventually with the deck's final design in place, I hope to launch an official Kickstarter campaign to bring the deck to print and be able to give back to those who believed in this project. The Haunted House Oracle is entirely possible though, with your help.

The journey of this deck's creation will be public and will be something I hope you'll join me for, right here and on Instagram @thehauntedhouseoracle. Your support in backing this personal divination project means more to me than I can express. If you're able to help support the beginning stages of creation for The Haunted House Oracle, you can donate through the PayPal link below. The ideas are already coming together to push this project to where I can have rewards for supporters in place through an official Kickstarter around October. Getting this deck to print can seem like a monstrous effort right now, but I'm excited to finally synthesize this idea over the next year and anything you're willing to give will help.

 Thank you!

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There are countless people out there creating decks all over the world, and there's a few whose work and their own decks, both oracle and tarot, spoke to me enough to want to do this myself. Check them out, and click the titles to be taken to the artist's pages to purchase your own Key Tarot and Bridge Oracle.

The Key Tarot
by Jamie Gold & Scarlet Ravenswood

I watched this deck come to fruition over time after I learned an online acquaintance named Aly Kravetz, known as the Bronx Witch was to be part of it! She's the World card. I was so excited to watch this deck be created from idea, to Kickstarter, to fully complete project. Jamie and Scarlet really let their supporters into their creative space and have posted how the photography for each card was shot, edited, and layered into each individual card. And the people in the deck are all magick practitioners and tarot readers as well. It's a truly beautiful work of inclusive, relevant, and stunning art.

This oracle deck is so unique, and Katie's process in creating it was really personal and intuitive, and I appreciated that (and she's effin' rad) in a deck creator. Each card is a photo she snapped when encountering something that inspired a particular tapped-in feeling. It's difficult to articulate, but visceral. She's spent many years doing tarot and intuitive work, and continually offers fresh takes on both tarot and oracle reading.

After interacting with her here and there on social media and attending her presentation on tarot during Phenomenacon 2, it was a no-brainer to purchase this deck. And with her cards come a personally sourced Maine quartz rock. 



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