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Yeah, but what if... 🧱

Listen, I'm part of this paranormal socialsphere that exists on the digital landscape, so there's a part of me that is of course forming opinions on the newest (dare I have to type this idiotic phrase? Fine), para-drama concerning a lot of folk's favorite TV shows. As far as like, social media opinions? Nahh, I'll keep it here, nice and tucked away.

Destination Fear and Ghost Adventures are hella popular and there's a lot of unspoken what-the-fuck that's followed the GaC crew since around season 2 or 3. It comes down to them not being transparent. No one sees those dudes at conventions, the meet-and-greet days are long done. If you're lucky, and I suppose a creator or influencer with enough of a following, you can coax Bagans out of his hidey-hole at his museum for a photo-op. But he and his castmates have not joined their peers at the regular, popular conventions. The Ghost Adventures table is not there, just the adjacent folks who've worked with them like Schrader and Sagers. That's the one glaring like, "ummmm who the fuck are these dudes really?" aspect.

The other is that the youthful DF crew are the literal opposite, which makes for fun subtweets all over the place in the last few days. 💯 Nick Groff, long gone from the GaC under like, Illuminati-level secrecy for years now finally made a vague clap-back at them as well.

My only wonder, and this is really it, this is all I gotta say, is this: What if Nick Groff is all like "The brick was staged." ...?

What then!?

I'd shit a brick. 😂

Anyway, that's all I got, I don't know what the hell happens behind the scenes at Discovery Networks so I don't really have the mental bandwidth to give more than this, but if the brick was bunk I am going to be glued to the twitter threads with so much popcorn.🍿

Thank you have a nice day.


I'm Amy L. Bennett, a writer, multimedia artist, recovering archaeologist and YouTuber from Upstate, New York. I've been invested in all things strange and unusual since my dad gave me the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark trilogy when I was way too young. Along with my fiancé, Ryan, we've explored countless haunted locations in the US and abroad in search of the Weird.
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