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We're Amy and Ryan

There's a good chance you're into the weird and unexplained if you've found your way to The Supernatural Spot.

Get to know us through some of our strangest and completely true personal stories in these videos and peruse all the different types of original content we have on our site. We're an artist and a musician brought together through uncanny circumstances, and our lives have been changed for the better by the paranormal. We're here to show you how to be comfortable with the discomfort of the Unknown through creative media.

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The Dreadfully Curious
Amy & Ryan at Wilson Castle

     Full Dark is an endeavor to fulfill personal curiosity with the haunted, mysterious and strange, and document how they relate to the human experience. Formed in 2017 with a foundation of critical thinking, we've been traveling and capturing our experiences in the most haunted locations around the US & abroad since then. Amy is a New Yorker, Ryan is a Wisconsinite, but we were brought together through highly synchronicitous circumstances in early 2018, engaged at The Breakers of Newport in 2022, married in 2023, and we now reside in an enchanted forest in the Northeast.

      Our approach to the Weird encompasses trying anything because we're the duo who will tell you "I don't know", and be perfectly comfortable not knowing definitive answers in the Unknown. Simply conveying authenticity and integrity, whether investigating the Unknown or retelling an historic tale, is our goal. Stay weird. 

Yep, the name is BACK! We're FULL DARK AGAIN, WEIRDOS!

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