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"Intuition. A gut feeling. A quiet whisper in your ear that you should turn back - go home, lock the door, and close the curtains. But are you ever truly safe, once the darkness has found you? Or maybe, in your most secret welcome it.

Come to our DARK VILLAGE and stay awhile..."

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Always willing to investigate into dark corners but in no way totally unafraid of those corners. A multimedia artist and self-taught in videography, she creates everything you see that is Full Dark, and now Amy & Ryan's Weird Adventures. The visionary behind the entire endeavor, Amy's also earned a Master of Science from the University of Edinburgh in European Archaeology, is a published author, macrame fiber artist and woods witch. Having traveled to over 30 countries and lived overseas, Amy brings an extensively anthropological perspective to the body of Weird Adventures content.

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Challenging beliefs and the believers who hold them using introspection and intellect, Ryan is an Upstate NY musician and audio engineer, he composes the songs for our videos, and perfects EVP listenability for all our unexplained recordings. His investigation methods include sigil magick combined with musical instruments, cartomancy, and mentally tapping into a vein of The Other with nearly too much ease. Ryan hails from a family line of psychics, mediums and card readers in the northern woods of Wisconsin. 


Amy and Ryan's Weird Adventures (formerly Full Dark Paranormal Explorers), is an endeavor to fulfill personal curiosity with the haunted, mysterious and strange, and document how they relate to the human experience. Partners in life and the paranormal, our focus is on history and the darker and more disturbing facets of it. Formed in 2017 with a foundation of critical thinking, we've been traveling and capturing our experiences in the most haunted locations around the US & abroad since then. Amy is a New Yorker, Ryan is a Wisconsinite, but we were brought together through highly synchronicitous circumstances in early 2018, engaged at The Breakers of Newport in 2022, we now live on several acres of forest at the edge of the Berkshire Mountains.

Our approach to the Weird encompasses using and trying any device or method out there, because frankly we're the duo who will tell you "I don't know", and be perfectly comfortable in the Unknown. We don't have answers and we will never try to prove anything, that's just too big an ask. Simply conveying authenticity and integrity, whether investigating the Unknown or retelling an historic tale, is our goal. Stay weird, stay curious. 

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