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Hello, It's Amy

I used to write a lot more on here, and I really tried to cover a thousand different subjects. But something happened in 2022: life.

Really simply put, the process of buying and renovating and then DIY'ing literally everywhere on an 80-year-old house (not to mention roof, heat, hot water, electrical) for a year and a half is a hell of a rollercoaster. Bruh, I need to chill more. All the mental aspects that go into decisions and weighing options and budgeting this existence and projects that take months - man that is a lot to think about and put energy toward! But eh, like that comedian on TikTok says, "buying a house is getting fucked, and staying fucked." Sometimes it sure seems like that when you

  1. Notice a chipmunk continually hiding up UNDER your lowest siding piece in one spot. Cute, but please no.

  2. Notice you've got a big gutter system that was great in the 90's and now creates waterfalls at various points it's failed.

  3. Notice your sliding screen door does NOT want to stay attached so now it sits against the other door pane, lonely. I'll get one a' those magnetic cheap ones, sue me.

  4. Notice the plants and landscaping that had gone untouched for a decade must be untangled and chopped away from the foundation. ✅ I did that one!!

  5. Notice ya got branches and unpruned trees touching ya siding. This is bad. Muy mal, I'm ordering a tree pruner when I hit publish here, cuz that's the last tool we need to tackle that then chainsaw some trees down. No, no one likes killing trees, but these aren't Ents, we're saving our siding here.

  6. Notice how very much (nearly all) the previous owners DIY'd around the place including wrapping a TV cable around the outside of the chimney to pop it in the wall upstairs. We don't have cable. Omg. Is our ladder tall enough?

In all sincerity, this wild new existence in the forest is totally and unbelievably awesome, and we're stoked to have found the literal home of our dreams complete with buried mysterious medicine bottles from a previous owner's dark past, and a pet cemetery (SEMATARY🤘) in the back corner. Vibes, bruh.

Honestly, no, we can't raise evil animals from the beyond in the soil of this cursed land, because without a curse laid upon us, the ritual won't work. Do not curse us, we have a lot of projects to work on and we must focus.

Oh shit, speaking of projects in the background: We're FULL DARK AGAIN!

Was that the original point here? Yes, but I am not gonna clickbait you into a blog. I've tried that, it feels a little scummy. So I just want to level with ya - I'm the creator of the creating part of FDP that you see on the internet in various forms, and sometimes, I do not want shit to do with making digital creations and the things that happen in 3D reality (is it though?) is really where my whole self is focused.

Like, dude, did you know my mom's a MEGA-gardener? I am trying to compete with my own childhood and stave off the shame of outward imperfection by cleaning and re-landscaping a massive hardscaped garden out front. No, I do not want to make a reel today in order to appease a computer program that predicts and deems worth onto billions of humans who keep it alive.

Fuck it.

I said it. Fuck it. The ghosts ain't goin' anywhere (except off your TVs cuz holy shit ONE GUY got a contract for paranormal TV and that is it), so why would I allow myself to succumb to algorithms? Have you met me? I a m wholly undomesticated in the rigorous feeding of any algorithm. I'm old enough to have hand-written schoolwork and party invites and young enough to show my parents how to share their location on their phones. I watched this shit come up. I was here before it. And I have so much love and respect for the humans behind those perpetual streams of content in the paranormal. The ones way younger than me? GO FOR IT. GET AT IT, KID. WELCOME. There's room for everyone and it's really obvious now that in 2020 a shitton of kids and adults alike were chronically inside and online and joined the weird community in all sorts of different facets.

This "community" sure did m'fucking grooowwww. Jesus fuck there's a ton a ya. In my mind, that does not force me into a feeling of competition with people, that makes me kinda feel like pivoting in the field. Endless avenues of creation exist and I am not saying this as an elaborate way to tell you we won't be making youtube videos anymore. Ohhohoho no, I love that shit. We both do. We are goin' at it but I did just explain that I feel no compulsion to create things (videos/updates/posts/digital shit) on a strict or endlessly rushed timeline. That makes me make what I would consider garbage. Basura. Trasherino, you feel me?

So what we've been doing is ghost hunting (when our flights aren't delayed, jfc) and saving all the footage. It's squirreled away on external drives until the fall and at some point soon we'll start actually publicly saying Hey, Something's Coming. I mean, I do know I have to 'play the game' if a single human on the planet is to see any of it.

Until then, yes, we're going by Full Dark Paranormal Explorers again, one of the entities under Full Dark Productions which we've pretty much considered the name of the THING that governs the channel, the physical art, the podcast, music, etc. The specifics are now spread out enough they need FDP to just be what we call all of it. Did not quite see that coming, but even in 2017 I knew FDP sounded less like a person and more like a company. Kinda accidentally kept myself in the dark (ha) that way. I'm no marketer, and I've even had that job professionally. I don't like pretending in order to sell something, especially myself. It just feels so freaking weird!

Anyhow, if you're here, know we're never done. The Weird doesn't ebb or flow so much as I think it hovers around indefinitely, mostly out of sight until us or it makes a necessary connection again. An encounter. An experience. Something to write home about. Or something to drop in the group text, cuz that group text can't be all drama all the time, but we all sip tea. ;)

Pinkies up, we're Full Dark and we're baaaack.

Also! Omg! We're doing a public ghost hunting event at the lovely and odd-vibed Wilson Castle in Vermont this September! I'd give you a ticket link but that is sold out and folks will be investigating with us and then sleeping over at a campout on the lawn. We're psyched because Wilson is fricking fantastic, and Paranormal Five, the family team from Maine who puts on the event, are some of the kindest folks, and they really have a similar "I don't know but it's weird out there" mindset like us. We attended the event a couple years ago and now we've been asked to be a part of it and that is so gratifying it just fills our weird little hearts.

⛺️ 👻 Good stuff ahead. That's what I got.

Thanks for reading,


I'm Amy L. Bennett-Bradway, a writer, multimedia artist, recovering archaeologist and YouTuber from Upstate, New York. I've been invested in all things strange and unusual since my dad gave me the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark trilogy when I was way too young. Along with my husband, Ryan, we've explored countless haunted locations in the US and abroad in search of the Weird.
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