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Detroit Now Means TOAD, not KISS

Weird way to start this but HOLD UP, we went to Detroit! (Due to a series of unfortunate events that turned into a series of extremely fortunate events.)

Okay, would you believe...

  • We booked flights to Iowa in like, winter, sometime back then? Right from the Delta website direct. (Which doesn't matter, they will find a way to dicker your plans regardless.) Albany to Atlanta to Des Moines because two out of three of those cities are for connections and not destinations and we are in one of them. :)

  • Flights changed to Albany to Detroit to Des Moines because as I stated, you'll get Dickered by Delta™️, but this meant shorter flight and layover times, so not so bad, right?

  • We sat on the runway in Albany too long because of delays at the Detroit airport and ours, and landed there as our connecting flight took off without us. A McFuckYou sandwich was handed to us then, and renting a car to drive to Iowa overnight and spend an ungodly amount on that was a hard no. A hotel costs less. I logged into Uber.

  • We ended up with a downright fantastic weekend at the loss of an investigation (to be rescheduled we think, thankfully), and a family trip to a NASCAR Cup race (WHICH WE LOVE, SO SPEAK YOUR JUDGEMENT WITH YOUR WHOLE CHEST IF YOU'RE GONNA.) So it had a bittersweetness for the loss, but man did it also rock.

Firstly, chain hotels really come through. The fact our room cards didn't work 4 out of the 6 times we needed them, it's fine. But that is a privilege to sleep comfortably at the 11th hour. Dearborn is where we chose to be, it looked like it was a lot of hotels and nearish to the airport and when you look at a map from above, it gives you not much of a perspective of how spread out things are, so we guessed.

It takes one Uber driver to tell you to go to The Henry Ford museum and Greenfield Village. Saturday was 🔥 . As in it was good! We spent hours at the museum (omg the chair Lincoln was assassinated in, the presidential cars from fateful situations, the actual, real bus Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on, all are there), and more hours wandering the Village which also had a Father's Day weekend car show. Dad heaven, holy shit. But also us and our fondness of both vintage vehicles and vintage buildings? Jeeezus it's like the universe said YOU SHALL NOT PASS and we did NOT go to Des Moines because a big wizard shoved his stick at us and his spell turned out awesome. No Balrog, sadly, I love him to pieces but he's messy and spicy.

We knew of two human beings and a goodest boy who exist in Detroit, one of whom we'd met previously at Strange trips to the wilderness of the mountainous north (New Hampshire), one who, like me, refuses to leave the house when possible, and one who is an adorable thicken nugget.

They did not have a single obligation to, but they did in fact, take us out on the town in their neighborhood. The divinity of weirdness was on brand again thanks to Amityville t-shirts, pretzels, and fantastic conversation. You know, sometimes it's just nice to know that the stuff you see out there and see happening in this paranormal field, is not all in your head. I mean that with literal odd encounters, (Ryan and his fecking insane UFO situations, I .... I do not want to be abducted but marrying him has made me wonder if that is now something I need to actively fear), and also the way we perceive the community at large. It is weird out there. Anyhow, that was the best Saturday of 2024, that's a fact.

Sunday we took suggestions of both friends and an internet poll, and had brunch at the city's best breakfast joint, the Hudson Cafe. I love how the name Hudson can be found throughout the nation, meanwhile the Halve Maen (Half Moon), recreated to the last detail, sails up our river yearly to a crowd of protestors. I had an old favorite, eggs benedict. That dish originated in NYC. Now you know more facts. 🍳

Then we walked a wee bit farther downtown past the loveliest Art Deco buildings to see art installations including an iconic water fountain UFO. If it is not meant to be a UFO, it seems it already is exactly that to many residents and tourists alike. If it quacks like a UFO...

Then, another massive portion of my childhood came to life with the Motown Museum. Holy history! Listen, that is the music of my parents. They're from the early 50's, if you get my drift. Also I didn't know how radios worked as a child so I listened to what they listened to: Motown. Yes, some Pointer Sisters slipped in here and there, but the vibe was always the most hopeful and soulful of music. Mid-century Mid-west Hitsville, USA. We were so pleased, we spent a shitload in that gift shop, happily.

Then we got to watch the NASCAR race from our hotel room as Ryan made sure to set the room to a brisk, Arctic temperature. What are men? My favorite driver won and I wasn't there to see it! An apropos reminder of the original plan for that weekend, a little dickslap from the Universe, there? Humbling.

Now, would you believe...

  • We crossed Michigan off the list in the best ways possible! Whoa!

Enjoy some photos!

Thanks for reading,


I'm Amy L. Bennett-Bradway, a writer, multimedia artist, recovering archaeologist and YouTuber from Upstate, New York. I've been invested in all things strange and unusual since my dad gave me the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark trilogy when I was way too young. Along with my husband, Ryan, we've explored countless haunted locations in the US and abroad in search of the Weird.
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