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Increasing the Creepiness

It might be a downright ridiculous time to write about the paranormal, or it might be just what mental health at large is calling for, in the form of my usual distraction, but something that caught my eye several days back has stuck with me. And now, you need to hear me out.

It was a headline, or a tweet, or something equally as untrustworthy, but it went something like, "What if all the recent increase in global paranormal activity has actually lead up, and built up, to something catastrophic happening, like this pandemic?"

I get that right off the bat, that sounds pretty fucking kooky. But the fact that that stupid idea has remained lodged in my gray matter for DAYS has finally begun to make me think. If I were to navigate back through the past 3+ years of FDP investigations, I'd have to admit as much, and agree with half that statement.

Shock and outrage, I know. 😮

In 2017 at the beginning of investigating with just Jody and myself, we experienced next to no activity. This is on the heels (albeit a year in between) of several years of undeniable experiences in the paranormal occurring to me, or around me. I was somewhat astounded that Jody and my's lack of any perturbing experiences were so consistent, even in places considered to be highly haunted. (Washoe Club, Prospect Place, etc). I was sad, becoming far more cynical, and wondered what in all hell was going on. Was it us? Was it our combination? Were our brainwaves not jiving with the spirits in some completely unexplainable way? (YOU can apply your science to that previous statement, I don't care.) Whatever the case, it didn't make sense how LITTLE we were experiencing on our investigations, while remaining convinced of my own paranormal occurrences. What I witnessed previously, I still believed. But where had it all gone?

Then in 2018 Ryan joined our endeavor, and for several investigations, nothing seemed to happen. It was minimal, if anything. Our Captain Grant's video reflects that. But slowly, over the course of the year, things began to get weird. Good weird, in the sense that bumps, knocks, fully audible voices, and EVPs started to add up. By 2019, our world had been rocked by incredible activity, several times over, and in several different ways. From White Hill Mansion, to good old Ten Broeck, to Ohio State Reformatory, we were EXPERIENCING.

So what gives? What has driven this increase in activity per our own experiences? Is it just right time, right place? Or has our new combination of people, brain waves, intent and gadgetry just driven our ability to believe into further places? Do we accept more as paranormal because we want to? Because we're around each other? Because the universe is somehow guiding it all, and our ability to perceive it? Don't think for a second I have an answer, but if I needed, I could chart a markedly visible increase in paranormal occurrences that I've witnessed over the past 3 years. I find that uncanny. I don't find it to have any connection to this pandemic, I think it was just the "increase of paranormal activity" that drew my attention. I don't know what it might mean on a personal level, or if there's big, cosmic possibilities I'm missing. If you've figured it out, holler.

Thanks for reading, stay home and stay healthy,🧼

PS: Thanks to our new analytics, I can see the location, device, and even the operating system being used when someone lands on this site. So thank you for visiting. 👍🏻



I'm Amy L. Bennett-Bradway, a writer, multimedia artist, recovering archaeologist and YouTuber from Upstate, New York. I've been invested in all things strange and unusual since my dad gave me the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark trilogy when I was way too young. Along with my husband, Ryan, we've explored countless haunted locations in the US and abroad in search of the Weird.
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