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The Resonant Shift Experiment [RSE]

Time to tell you about the RSE. This is not an idea that we have used for the sake of telling you not to do it yourself. This is not an experiment that we came up with by ourselves - that would be impossible and, frankly, bullshit. This is not a method you need expensive equipment or a honed talent to utilize.


The First Bit:

We are Amy and Ryan, if you didn't notice by now, we're Weird Adventures not Full Dark. THERE'S A SHIFT. That's not the important one, hang on.

In June of 2022 we went to West Virginia Penitentiary. We took a Schumann Resonance device with us - which is cheap and just a soundboard that creates an ELF (extremely low frequency) out of several ELF tones together, making a RESONANCE. The Schumann Resonances are ...(from the world's favorite non-academic source, Wiki):

"The Schumann resonances (SR) are a set of spectrum peaks in the extremely low frequency (ELF) portion of the Earth's electromagnetic field spectrum."

There's an idea that the SR are the "vibrations of earth", they're natural, they're the resonating tones that earth exists at, in, creating, etc. The "heartbeat of mother earth", if you will. That exact resonance? 7.83 Hz.

You can even find that tone playing for hours-long videos on youtube, for relaxation and meditation. Surprise! The SR are accessible, and can be utilized by anyone.

The Second Bit:

Going back in time to August of 2021, Ryan and I visited Waverly Hills Sanatorium for the first time, and I don't need to describe a thing about the place - you know it. Our guide that night was a man named Jason Harrod. And I will never forget his name, because I will never not credit him for playing ELF and ULF frequencies, including the Schumann Resonances, while on our investigation. This concept, mind you, has been done and done and done, in haunts and non-haunts and by tons of investigators over the years. It's not a new idea, and it's not ours, and it's likely not Jason's either. But, credit where it's due, yo!

It DID something. We all saw something. We captured a part or piece of it on video camera. Has anyone seen that?!?! NOPE. NOPE THEY HAVEN'T. We released that video as a Part 2 - and those do NOTORIOUSLY TERRIBLE on Youtube, no matter the subject or style. They just do. So, in our part 2 video sits the most amazing thing that's happened to us, and it was a direct effect of using the SR in the environment, played over an absolutely monstrous speaker with hella thump. THUMP. You know, bass? That happened to us, we documented it. We repeated it.

The Third Bit:

I'm a witch. I don't love to proclaim it online. I don't love the internet's idea of a witch either. It's twisted. It means aesthetics and IG posts and call-outs and grifts, instead of weaving the threads of the universe in the way you work with them over time, and work with the parts of our world we can't see so well. But we feel them. Energy and what-not. So yeah, now you know.

Ryan has an affinity for the uncanny already. I will never spill his backstory beans publicly, but suffice to say, he knows far far more of the spiritual side of things than any other straight, white, cis man I've ever met. Well, David Blaine was pretty other-worldly, but that's beside the point. Ryan knows. He KNOWS and he has a lengthy history of the Other in a northern Midwest context. Fascinating, to me anyway.

But we have the knowledge to utilize these aspects of ourselves; our talents, our experience, our skill and our will. So, we've designed an experiment to try to elicit more unexplained activity within an environment we're investigating. We've combined what we know best to pair them for this idea, this experiment. The big ingredient though, isn't what our backgrounds bring to the experiment, it's you and what you bring. Let's explain:

The Resonant Shift Experiment:

The RSE is an idea, a possibility, a method, a test, a 90's rave, a mind-fuck...and it's for you to try. It's not for us to keep, to gate-keep, to hide or secret away from the world and only let slip some trailers, teasers and self-hyped pieces to entice an audience. It's US, giving it TO YOU, to try too.

What you'll need:

  • A wireless external speaker with as big and bad a subwoofer as you can carry.

  • Connection wires, 1/8th inch audio cords to connect devices.

  • Your phone or a Schumann Resonance sound board ($10, cheap thing).

  • Your intent, stillness, quietude, and concentration.

How to do it:

  • Turn on and plug in the device you'll use to play the SR, either a sound board or your phone.

  • Try to face the speaker outward in a way that sends the vibration as far into the environment as possible.

  • Stay still, breathe deep, and concentrate on what you want. Do you want to physically see something? Hear a voice? Interact with The Other in some/any way they/it can? Think hard, focus in on what you want.

  • And LOOK. Look in every direction. Use ALL your physical senses, stay aware of them.

That is it! It is a sound bath with ELF, or Extremely Low Frequencies, inside (or outside) an allegedly haunted environment, combined with focused intent on the part of the investigator(s). Many people use the SR for their own meditation purposes, or to help them fall asleep. The effect on human brain waves is measurable and applicable in many common instances already. Here, we're applying it to intentionally cause a shift (omg it's in the title!) in the environment. The shift, however, is in YOU as well. It's in your brain waves and your electromagnetic system, as it's influenced and altered by the constant vibration of the SR around you. How do these vibrations alter you and the environment, and can they alter one or both in such a way as to be able to experience the paranormal easier? Is it in the space or the brain that the shift occurs? That's the muddy part you get to walk away thinking about after a hopefully fulfilling and uncanny paranormal experience. That's where you have to wonder if it worked - because for Ryan and I, it has.

What we believe the "experiment" part is, is more within the individual. Anyone can plug in and play different frequencies and tones within an environment, but to utilize your intent and your focus while having your brain waves shifted as well? That's the individual part. And you can design your own tests and experiments with different emotions and reactions, or going solo somewhere to increase your trepidation, etc. But it comes down to your intent, while utilizing an environment-altering sound frequencies of the Schumann Resonances.

We've even combined the RSE with live music, witchcraft and sigil work. You can see it on Nocturne: West Virginia Penitentiary, where you see and hear the RSE combined with our 'Music of Magic' session and Ryan's magical traveling guitar infused with his sigil. He's been a musician for decades. Live shows, albums, you name it. He's a Jack-of-all-instruments, including vocals. A force, if you will, for music and magic. There's a wide area for concepts to be brought together with the RSE, this is just one example. Try it with a seance, a spirit circle, an Estes Method. Go forth, young grasshopper, and try.

We hope this explanation of the RSE, or Resonant Shift Experiment entices you to try this for yourself on investigations. We don't believe in keeping ideas hidden, or gate-kept behind any sort of wall of inaccess. The paranormal is for everyone - every earthling on this globe who wishes to participate, who carries a healthy dose of curiosity. In that sense, we'll share what we know, and what we think might work. Maybe in trying this yourself, you can cause a shift in your own mind, maybe your environment and vibration, and find what you're searching for as well.

Thanks for reading,

Amy Bennett



I'm Amy L. Bennett-Bradway, a writer, multimedia artist, recovering archaeologist and YouTuber from Upstate, New York. I've been invested in all things strange and unusual since my dad gave me the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark trilogy when I was way too young. Along with my husband, Ryan, we've explored countless haunted locations in the US and abroad in search of the Weird.
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